Where can I purchase white broilers?

Asked August 27, 2020, 1:13 PM EDT

Where can I purchase white broilers?

Chester County Pennsylvania

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If you are looking for broilers to raise, you can do so by either going to your favorite feed store during their chick day sales or contact one of the hatcheries in PA that has chicks for sale. One close to you is Moyers hatchery:

Please remember that these birds will reach butcher weights in about 7 weeks or so. You need to have a plan to harvest these birds at the end of their term. Not all butcher shops process poultry, so you need to have this secured before ordering or you will need to harvest these yourself.

If you are looking for full sized birds to buy live you could go to a local poultry auction (e.g. the green dragon) or live poultry markets in Philadelphia.

Thanks, G.