Tomato plant failure

Asked August 26, 2020, 2:12 PM EDT

My tomato garden is a mess this summer. Plants began withering shortly after transplanting. I grew three varieties from seed in Florida and brought the plants north in June. I do this every year with great results. This year: wilt, curling leaves, browning. Same with replacement plants bought locally. I rotate annually. Plant deep, etc. All the right things. I'm stumped. Thanks. Taylor Buckley, Chestertown.

Kent County Maryland

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Hello Taylor,

Can you please share pictures of the symptoms on your tomatoes? You can attach up to three image files per reply, but you can reply more than once if needed to send additional photos. Close-ups of the leaves along with a picture of the planting area as a whole would help.

Some background information would be helpful:
- has any herbicide been used in the area this year, or do you know if a farm or neighbor has been spraying earlier in the season?
- was any other spray applied to the plants or near the plants which was mixed in a sprayer that was used for herbicide at some point?
- is any soil amendment (if in-ground) or potting mix (if in pots) from fresh bagged product or re-used from a compost pile or old containers?
- when you mention rotation, do you mean that tomatoes are not grown in the same bed (or pots) from year to year? If so, how long do you wait to re-use that spot for tomatoes?
- what varieties are you growing this year? (the seeds and the later transplants)