Holes in my lawn.

Asked August 26, 2020, 12:01 PM EDT

Can you, please advice what a reason of holes in my lawn is ? See attached pictures for more details. They started showing up a few weeks ago (beginning of August). Also I would like to get your advice how to fix it. Thank you.

Oakland County Michigan

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Take a look at these possibilities- some of these have tests you can do yourself to see if insects or spots on individual leaf blades match these descriptions-

Chinch bug




Summer patch


Necrotic ring spot


If the site asks you for a login and password, enter an email id for login and your zipcode as a password. ( MSU will not email you or add you to any lists)

As you can see this isn’t easy to diagnose. You may submit your pictures and culture info to MSU Plant Diagnostic lab by email here —pestid@msu.edu

If they need a sod sample they will contact you. To diagnose a sod sample there is a fee, which you can see on their website, along with instructions and more info-


A minimal care plan is to fertilize twice per year, or if just once, to do so in fall so as to strengthen roots. Compacted or flooded soils could cause this problem. Mowing no shorter than 3 inches is recommended- the longer the leaf blade the longer and more roots the turf develops.

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One of my colleagues also suggested looking at this link.

Hopefully this will give you an answer.

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