Succulent-type Weed in Lawn

Asked August 25, 2020, 7:21 PM EDT

I have this weed growing invasively through my lawn. It looks almost like duckweed but does not flower, is shallow, as it spreads the stems get thicker. What is it, and how do I get rid of it?

Westmoreland County Pennsylvania

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From your picture, it looks like purslane, Portulaca oleracea. Is it sort of thick in the leaves and a little spongy?
Here's a great place to look to see if it fits:

The best way to rid your lawn of weeds is to make sure it is healthy. I would recommend doing a soil test to see if you need nutrients or if the pH is in the correct range. A soil with low pH is a great haven for weeds. Sometimes all you need to do is correct the pH and your lawn will overtake the weeds.

If you decide to use a pesticide, please follow all recommended directions for use.

Thanks for the help!

I spent most of yesterday on my knees in the yard digging as much up as possible.

I do have a 2nd question. Can you tell me what these plants are? They’ve just started sprouting where I had a flower bed wall replaced. It requires them to “till” the soul to level the new wall. I have large patches everywhere they worked. (Obviously, they cannot reseed yet!)

It looks like it could be empress or princess tree,

Paulownia tomentosa.

Check this site to see if it fits your trees. They grow very quickly and are considered invasive in a lot of states.