Treatment for dogwood peeling.

Asked August 25, 2020, 5:15 PM EDT

I have had this tree for the past 18 years. Has been my pride and joy. However, about a month ago I noticed that it had some peeling and a small branch dying. The tree looks sad, since there is no better word to describe it. Is there any treatment?


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Prune out the dead branch. Keep it watered during dry spells.

If it is mulched, be sure no mulch is touching the trunk. Keep it back a few inches. If you have been mulching for years, be sure that the decomposed mulch has not raised the soil level so much that the flare of the tree (where the trunk widens as it goes into the ground) is not buried. The trunk should never go straight into the ground like a lollipop stick.

Other than that, we can't say what's going on without some photos. You are welcome to attach some to a reply. In focus close-ups of the peeling and the base, plus an overall shot would be good.

This diagnostic chart may be helpful:


(question:680931)Thank you for your response. I just tried to send photos from my phone but can't tell whether you got them. I sent the photos to: can you give me an email to send the photos if you have not received them

Within this reply, you should see some icons for "choose file", and if selected this will open-up a window on your computer (and maybe your phone) where you can choose image files to attach. You can attach up to three per reply, but you can reply more than once if you need to send additional photos.