Horse shelter

Asked August 25, 2020, 2:44 PM EDT

My question is: we own 5 acres that are fenced with horse fencing, we have two horses both are older and have medical issues. We had planned on building but with COVID there is hardly any lumber in our area and my husband owns his own business but has not gone back to work yet. Is there any financial assistance or programs In place that could help with getting a shelter in place before winter? We are private not commercial but we do have an agricultural deed

Dauphin County Pennsylvania

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There are various groups and associations that can help with financial assistance for horse farms, but generally these funds are restricted for help with feed, hay, and vet bills. The NRCS also generally has some funds available to help improve horse farms, but usually the improvements need to be related to making the farm environmentally friendly. The USDA does offer a Farm Loan, which can be used for a variety of projects, including construction on horse farms. It seems like in your situation, a USDA Farm Loan would be the best option for financial assistance with your shelter.

I have checked into farm loans and 5 acres is not enough property to apply for a farm loan. Thank you for the suggestion