Kwanzaa cherry turning brown within 3 weeks

Asked August 25, 2020, 11:11 AM EDT

I have a Kwanzaa cherry in my front yard that started having a limb of leaves turn brown. I sprayed anti-fungal plant spray on the remaining part of the tree once I noticed the leaves changing. Well, within the next 2-3 weeks, the remaining limbs of leaves all turned brown. There is a neighbors Kwanzaa cherry without this issue (picture added). Could you tell me why this could have occurred so fast? The tree had been there in the same place for the past 5 years.

Madison County Kentucky

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You said it changed within a few weeks once it got started. Was that the last few weeks or earlier in the season? When did the symptoms begin to show up?
Could you email me ( pictures of the trunk? from both sides. Including the base of the tree. And also a picture of where the tree is in regards to the landscape. Like a picture set further back so i can see what is near the tree?