No green bean blossoms

Asked August 24, 2020, 8:15 PM EDT

We planted Kentucky Wonder pole green bean seeds at the very end of June In our new garden bed with enhanced soil. We have gorgeous vines climbing a trellis, but not a single blossom yet. I know we have bees pollinating the garden bed, as other plants (e.g., cucumbers and tomatoes) are fruiting, and I’ve seen bees flying in the bed. The seeds/vines get good sun throughout the afternoon. The packet suggests 66 days to maturity. I guess we’re a few days shy of that number, but no blossoms concerns me in late August. Should it?

Multnomah County Oregon

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There are some reasons why beans may not produce flowers or beans. The most likely reason for having lush green growth and no blossoms on your bean plants is that they have been over fertilized with nitrogen. Beans are legumes and once they have established good roots, they will fix nitrogen from the atmosphere. If they have been fertilized by the grower as well, there may be an excess of nitrogen which will delay flowering. When a bean plant gets too much nitrogen it uses it on prolific plant growth and sacrifices blossoms. Once the excess nitrogen is used up you may see blossoms. To possibly help speed this up you can try a heavy watering to wash some fertilizer through.

Other possibilities could be the excess heat we have had. High temperatures can cause blossoms to fall off vegetable plants. Other stressors such as not enough water, or not enough sunlight can interfere with bean production as well. It is difficult to know the exact reason, but these are some ideas. Hopefully soon your plants will have blossoms and you will be enjoying some delicious beans from your plants.

Thank you for your thoughtful response. We did put in entirely new soil in these garden beds, so there very well may have been an excess of nitrogen, perhaps because it had a lot of compost?? It was delivered to us and the soil mix was called “Supergrow Soil Blend” from a local landscape supply company.

Anyway, we are proud to report we saw the first bean blossoms materialize on Friday, 9/4. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that we’ll get enough beans for a meal before the temperatures drop later in the month.
Thanks again for your helpful thoughts.
Nancy G