Safety of potential chemical in home/environment

Asked August 24, 2020, 6:11 PM EDT

I need to test the air in my home and out. This all started about 2 yrs ago in a home I've lived in for over 6yrs. It start w/3yrs ago while in the back yard. I had an exstreem reaction to something after working in the back yard. So much so, going to the hospital and now required to carry a epie pin. Never been allergic to anything before and being farm raised it was strange. The following year I lost my best companion, love, everything in life to me. I had suspected something and was taking him to the vets and all the vets said things were fine, all their test (all was fine), even a vet w/in 15hrs before he died. My other 2 dogs are not doing well but the vets cant find anything and now I'm out of money. I tested home for radon and mold all neg. exterminators hired but nothing found. It is hard to breath in the home, worse at night, and there seems to be an element of moisture in the air. I recently learned water was under my home from a dripping vulvae. My carpet has rust & or dark spots on it and my current dogs are not doing very well. There is a film that layers the entire home. Like dust but a residue. I started covering the floor w/towels and blankets cuz of not trusting the floor would be safe.The cement home blocks are denigrating oozing a white (possible) corrosive chemical. There is shinny like iridescence floating in the air and my home is shifting/heavily settling at an excelled rate.It feels like rolling in installation and my small dogs are not doing well but the vets can't find anything. I just want to know if the air is safe so I can return home? my homeowners insurance has been no help. Can I get the air tested or the ground tested? Can anyone please help me.

Yamhill County Oregon

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I am so sorry to hear of the problems and you and your dogs are experiencing. From what you are describing, it sounds like there are some issues with the home itself that may be contributing. Have you considered having the home inspected to determine if that is contributing to the moisture issues, or other issues?

There are companies that will conduct air or soil testing - the issue I see with that is you would need to have some idea of what to test for. A home inspection might help with that, as well. However, I'd take a look at moisture in the home. If you have a lot of moisture, this can contribute to difficulty breathing and may explain some of the issues you are describing.

You mentioned rust and dark spots on the carpet, and that it feels like there is moisture in the air. If you have not yet fixed the dripping valve, I would look into fixing that. In the meantime, I recommend increasing ventilation in the home. You can do this by opening windows and running fans. You can also purchase a relative humidity meter - this will tell you how much moisture is in your air. You are looking for relative humidity in the home between 30-60%. If humidity is above 60%, you will want to reduce that. You can do that by fixing any leaks (like the leaking valve), running fans, opening windows, and if necessary, using a dehumidifier. Humidity above 60% is also when we start to see mold and mildew in homes.

You also described a shiny white substance that you are seeing. Again, a home inspection can verify, but it sounds like this is due to moisture that is in the concrete. This is called 'efflorescence.' When it occurs years after the house has been built, this indicates a water leak. This article by the National Concrete Masonry Association provides an in-depth look at efflorescence.

I hope this information is helpful, and I wish you and your dogs the best.