wasp nest on roof

Asked August 24, 2020, 1:53 PM EDT

How do I get rid of a wasp nest on the roof of the house. Pest Control won't go on the roof. Thanks

New Castle County Delaware

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I guess it depends on what kind of wasp nest it is and whether the wasps are putting anyone in danger. I'll assume that you have a large round grey baldfaced hornet nest. If the wasps are not bothering anyone, they actually do some good in the environment and there might be no reason to get rid of it. If the wasps are becoming a nuisance, that can be problematic. However, I would never recommend a person who is not equipped for pest control to go up on the roof to take care of a wasp nest. The risk of falling is too high and personal protective equipment, like a bee suit, is needed. My best suggestion, if the wasps are threatening people, is to call different companies to try to find someone who will go on the roof to take care of it. You might even try a wildlife damage control expert (Critter Ridders and other companies) because they often go up on the roof to take care of other pest problems. If they do not do wasp control, they might know someone who does - who will go up to a roof. Depending on how high the nest is, a power washer or a good nozzle on a hose might be strong enough to knock down the nest. Again, you will want to be very well protected with PPE.

I'm sorry my answer isn't overly helpful. Sometimes there aren't good answers. Please let me know if you have additional questions!