Flower ID

Asked August 24, 2020, 11:28 AM EDT

Can anyone ID the flowers at the corner of Mt Hope Ave and Farm Lane that have been blooming the past three weeks? Two images attached. Thank you! William Rowan

UPDATE: It's silphium perfoliatum or Cup Plant. Thanks!

Ingham County Michigan

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Yep, that looks like cup plant. Beautiful photos!!

Thanks for responding, Isabel.

The shots are HDR (more than one shot "smushed" together into a single image.) This allows for a dynamic range much greater than a single shot, and more like what the human eye sees.

I think I'll return to get a macro shot of a single flower. I really, really love this stand!


Ah ha! It is pretty cool to see that "wide angle". Bet you could catch some fun photos of insects in this stand, too!