Lone female wild turkey

Asked August 23, 2020, 8:25 PM EDT

We have had a lone female wild turkey in our yard since last summer. She lasted by herself thru the Wisconsin winter, she's around our yard all summer again. When she comes into our yard, and other turkeys are there she will leave, and on several occasions she has been chased by other turkeys. Sometimes they will slowly walk towards her and she will leave, other times they actually chase her. We are wondering why she isn't welcomed into the group, or how she even survives by herself.

Winnebago County Wisconsin

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I can't really explain why this turkey wouldn't be accepted in the group. Turkeys can recognize individuals (more work has been done with chickens on this). My guess is that the rest of the turkeys have been together for quite some time (maybe from hatch). This turkey is not part of the group. I'm a little surprised that she hasn't been able to assimilate into the group over time, but it's hard to understand bird behavior.

I expect that she will do okay in the winter, as long as she has feed and water. She may be more susceptible to predators than those within a flock, but otherwise, she can probably survive. Her feathers will insulate well, and she should be able to keep warm by herself.

Sorry I don't have a better answer as to why they don't get along.