Hybridizing Daylilies

Asked August 23, 2020, 4:32 PM EDT

I have recently become interested in hybridizing daylilies. I was wondering if there are any rules about it. I’m already aware of the diploid/tetraploid rule, but if there are any more I need to know, please tell me. I’m not interested in patenting them or selling them, I just want to have my own variety. I currently have about 7 varieties growing out in my yard, and I’m very excited to start cross pollinating. Thank you for any help you can give me!


Washington County Minnesota

1 Response

The American Hemerocallis Society has a pretty comprehensive guide at: http://oldsite.daylilies.org/Whatley/WhatleyTheArtOfHybridizing.htm and the Southern Michigan society has a quick sheet that you may find useful at: https://www.midaylilysociety.com/hybridizing-for-everyone.html

If you are interested, there is a Daylily Society of MN that you may want to join to meet more avid growers or find interesting plants: http://www.daylilysocietyofminnesota.org/

Good luck with your project!