Are these tomato plants salvageable

Asked August 23, 2020, 4:03 PM EDT

I planted these tomato plants some time in late June. I’ve watered and applied fertilizer. The leaves still seem brown and wilty. So my watering has waned. Any suggestions on what to do or is this a lost cause ?

Wayne County Michigan

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It's late August and there are no tomatoes or blossoms on these tomato plants. They are likely a lost cause for 2020. You have too many plants in each container. There should be 1 or 2 plants and no more in each container. You could thin each container to the single healthiest plant and see what happens, but its probably too late to get ripe tomatoes. Also, its best to water the tomatoes without getting the leaves wet (it promotes disease).
For next year:
a) empty the containers and disinfect them inside and out with a bleach solution. We don't want fungus spores left in the container to infect next year's plants.
b) discard the plant debris in the yard waste recycling or in a plastic bag in the trash.
c) put the soil somewhere that you will not reuse it for growing tomatoes for several years (flower bed, garden, or discard it).
d) fill with fresh potting mix and only plant 1 or 2 plants in each container
e) be sure to water the tomato plants without getting the leaves wet.
Info on tomato diseases:
Info on growing tomatoes in containers: