Grass renovation

Asked August 23, 2020, 2:18 PM EDT

I have an area in my backyard 840 sq ft that i applied roundup to. It was solid crabgrass that filled in after I had a tree removed last fall (tree person came back and seeded area and only crabgrass grew. Looking to dig up dead grass, work over soil, add black dirt then sod. Does this sound reasonable

Washington County Minnesota

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The dead grass can be mixed in and add organic matter to the soil. Your plan is reasonable. Fall is an ideal time to start grass. Crab grass is an annual so using a preemergent next year will stop the seeds in the ground from germinating. Deciding if you want to go with sod or a lower maintenance grass and a soil test is about the only thing left except for the work. A soil test will let you know what amendments if any are needed.