Asked August 23, 2020, 1:35 PM EDT

I have been struggling with some kind of mite issue for months. It started as a gnat issue. The exterminator tells me I’m crazy. I have bites and I itch. The Dr says something is biting me but I am getting no where with exterminators. Help!

Collin County Texas

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Ok, integrated pest control starts with identification. If these are gnats then you should be able to catch a few in a fly ribbon hanging in rooms you most frequent. There are clear tapes that can be attached to the windows.

You will need to check to be sure your pets are properly protected and up to date on treatment to prevent fleas and ticks. Lastly, change and wash your bedding and frequently vacuum your carpets. Keep the vacuum cleaner out of the main part of the house to protect against re-infection.

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Thanks, G.