Looking for a landscape consultant!

Asked August 23, 2020, 1:20 PM EDT

Hi there, I'm reaching out because I'm looking for a landscape consultant to help me design a yard full of native plants and fruit-producing trees for my new home. My partner, Tim, and I have just bought a house at 3421 Bloomington Ave in Minneapolis. Our new house is a truly blank slate when it comes to landscaping! It's just grass as far as the eye can see! We close on September 15 and would like to spend the fall and winter planning our landscaping for work to be done in the spring and summer of next year. Both my partner and I love gardening and really want to have raised beds for vegetables as well as some fruit-producing trees and herbs. We'd also like to do some more full curves and permanent landscaping in the front yard. We'd like to make our yard as sustainable and pollinator friendly as possible (read: very little grass). We'd also like to replace our chain-link fence with something more attractive and could use some help figuring out the best way to do that. We're hoping you might know someone who could help us with our yard. We really want it to make Powderhorn Park bloom! :) Thanks so much, Kelsey Donk 616-403-0413 Kelseydonk@gmail.com

Hennepin County Minnesota

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This is an online forum only and we do not have a list of designers. I can, however, provide some resources. Transitions Longfellow on Facebook and the web has lots of resources for urban farmers and so does Comgar. Wild ones has lots of information on how to add natives.

Good luck ! Congratulations! Happy Gardening, hope this is useful.