Controlling oregano

Asked August 23, 2020, 8:31 AM EDT

Several years ago, my husband planted oregano as part of the garden. The garden was abandoned and now we have about an acre (!) of oregano that just keeps growing! We want to get rid of it without chemicals. What do you advise?

Winona County Minnesota

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It’s frustrating to have an abundance of weeds, which is how you’re defining your oregano, but there is help available other than chemicals. I’m sure you’ve considered hoeing the area, but are aghast at the size of the parcel you describe (an acre?). One method currently being suggested is solarization. With this approach, you lay a film of clear plastic over the weedy area, cover the edges, and wait. After 4 – 6 weeks your weeds hopefully are gone.

See for more information about how to go about this process.

You’re asking this question at a good time of year, because hopefully the coming temperatures should be hot enough to provide the lethal kick needed to eliminate the oregano.

Good luck.