fungal disease?

Asked August 22, 2020, 10:00 PM EDT

I have very sandy soil which required frequent watering, as usual, until the torrential downpours starting early June. These 3 perennials looked great in spring, but began failing mid-July. Here are current pics of 1) scotch moss with one starting to brown out, 2) lamium with center section dead, and 3) artemesia brocade that was solid a month before. Do you think it is a fungal disease, and would any spray next spring help? If so, what, and any other suggestion?

Anne Arundel County Maryland

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These all probably are suffering from fungal disease brought on by too much moisture. They should not have mulch around their base or even very close to the base where it holds humidity and encourages disease. It's a fine balance when you're trying to also maintain weed control, but mulch or organic matter must be pulled back to let the plants get good air circulation and quick drying.

Read through this page on groundcovers for more:

And web blight:


Thank you. When planted, light shredded leaf mulch was away from the plants, but they spread (nicely) since spring '19 over the mulched area, and I never gave it a thought. Now I know that besides buyers "mulchers beware."