Spots on fruit trees

Asked August 22, 2020, 5:08 PM EDT

We recently moved into a place that has three apple trees and two pear trees. They seem to have been somewhat neglected, but blossomed in the spring and have fruit on them this summer. we removed quite a few tent caterpillars as they popped up, but now in late summer the leaves are starting to have little brown spots on them, more on some trees than others. What is this and do I need to worry about it? They're also seem to be brown spots on the apples.


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I'm not certain because I didn't see the development through the growing season, but it looks to me like you may have several nutritional deficiencies, at least on the apples. Have you cut one of the apples open to see what the flesh looks like? I was considering apple scab, but visually, the symptoms don't really match that diagnosis.

I would suggest that you get a soil test to determine which nutrients you need. The cost is minimal, and it gives you a great starting point for caring for your home orochard. There are a couple places where you can get soil testing. I can recommend a couple that I'm familiar with:
Simplysoiltesting (I like them--very simple easy to read report. You would want the $32 test for complete results including boron) and A&L Western Labs--a little more expensive for the complete test, but excellent too- The small cost

You don't say which side of WA you live in--it's possible that your trees need supplemental irrigation in the hottest, driest, breeziest parts of summer. THis is an apple guide for central WA: Here are a couple of excellent OSU Publications about growing fruit trees--how to take care of them, and how to manage problems that may arise.

Growing Tree Fruits and Nuts in the Home Orchard:

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