Three Colored Rose of Sharon

Asked August 22, 2020, 2:34 PM EDT

Last year my son gave me part of his Rose of Sharon bush that had only white with burgundy center blossoms. When it blossomed in my yard it has pink, purple and white on the same bush. It is doing the same thing again this year. Very pretty, but why? It came from a one only colored bush.

New York County New York

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Hello and thank you for contacting us about your Rose of Sharon. There are actually several different species of plants that are called Rose of Sharon. They tend to hybridize readily, and seedlings can be almost any color.

If your's is not reseeding, here is another explanation for color variations:

Hello again,

I came across an additional question and answer related to yours. I believe the explanation is that a seedling as grown in with the parent plant. In this case, you can rogue-out the variant colors if you do not want them.