Growing other plants with elephant ears in pot

Asked August 22, 2020, 1:23 PM EDT

What can I do to keep other plants alive when they’re in pot with elephant ears? The petunia died. The vinca is dying (see photo). Only the sweet potato vine has survived. Meanwhile the vinca sharing a different pot with the hibiscus is thriving (see photo) And the pots get the same amount of sun

New Castle County Delaware

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Good Afternoon, I'd consider a larger container (make sure you've plenty of drainage holes) to give ample room for all plants to grow and thrive and to insure some moisture can be retained between waterings. Next, I'd consider the potting media you're using to make sure it is good quality and has what you need to support healthy plant growth (for example, good drainage but some water retention, organic matter, and nutrients (yellowing can be a reaction to a nutrient deficiency)).