Dried out Romas.

Asked August 22, 2020, 11:07 AM EDT

My Roma tomatoes are coming ripe, but are small and bell-shaped and have pretty much no juice inside. They taste good but not as good as they could. Any answers?

Kenton County Kentucky

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I do not think it is anything like a disease or insect. My suggestion for next year is to give your Roma tomato plants plenty of water once they begin turning red.

As for the ones that you have, ethylene is the gas needed to ripen fruit. You may want to try and place an apple in a small paper bag and add a few tomatoes at a time. Roll the top down and leave at room temperature for a couple days. This may speed up the ripening process and may make the tomato juicier. The apple will release a large amount of ethylene to help make it softer.