Identifying Backyard Bee Types

Asked August 21, 2020, 3:49 PM EDT

Hello, I was walking my garden this morning as I do daily, and noticed this enormous bumblebee. I’d never seen one quite this large and was hoping that you can help me to identify the species of bees that are visiting my garden. I was able to capture a few pictures of it on my Cosmos, along with a couple of our other resident bee types which I have attached for your review. Thank you, Rick

Washington County Oregon

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Isn't if fun watching the flowers to discover new bees! It is difficult to identify an insect from photos since they don't hold still and pose for us. However, I have just the resource for you to aid in your quest to identify the bee. The PNW Bumble Bee Atlas has a great webpage with illustrations for species identification of bumble bees in the Pacific Northwest.
Each species also has their own page with more details about them and their identifying features.

Enjoy this quest.