Asked August 21, 2020, 3:21 AM EDT


Is there any special advantage of adding animal manures ( like cow dung ) to compost as opposed to adding green plant material( e.g., grass clippings, food waste)?

After all , we are adding similar material such as leaves , that animals eat , to our compost anyway .

Reason why I’m asking is because in urban area , I will have to buy animal manure whereas other ingredients are freely available .


What are your thoughts on incorporating woodchips to compost as opposed to using it only as superficial mulch on the surface ? Which in your view is more advantageous?


Also wanted to ask you whether you can plant vegetable & fruit plants in aged pure Compost ? Is addition of clay/sand a must ?

Last year I planted only tomatoes & coriander in pure compost -- they did ok.

Will pure compost need periodic additions of anything else ( like minerals & trace elements ) .




Outside United States

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Thank you for your question. Here is what our farms expert says on this topic: Without knowing your location or the type of soil you have, I cannot advise on soil amendments other than referring you to this publication: I would suggest finding a lab in you area that tests soil so you have scientific information about your garden. Good luck!