Rose leaf concern

Asked August 19, 2020, 3:03 PM EDT

I planted a bare root Rose this spring. At the growers recommendation I have only used fish emulsion to fertilize. I have sandy loam soil so I used compost and manure at planting time. (The other leaf in photo is a pumpkin vine that took up residence on its own). What does it need?

Ottawa County Michigan

1 Response

It looks like you might have rose mosaic virus. There isn't much you can do to treat a virus like this as it is systemic in the plant. If certain canes are more affected, you can prune them off to increase the appearance of the plant. In some cultivars the symptoms can come and go depending on how resistant the cultivar is. The only way to really eliminate it is to remove the plant. If it is still surviving and you don't have other roses in your garden, you can always leave it. The rose may still live for a long time but could more susceptible to winter damage.

To confirm that this is the issue, you can submit a sample to our pest and disease.