Garden Bugs!

Asked August 19, 2020, 10:51 AM EDT

I have a bug question, my Kiwi we’re looking so lush and full at the beginning of the season and a while back they stopped flourishing and even look thinner now. There are bugs stuck to the underside of the leaves and now the same bugs on the underside of my raspberry leaves. Not sure if that’s the same thing that’s happening to my bean pole beans (haven’t seen the bugs on it) but here’s photos of all three and one extra photo of a bug I happened to see this morning. Thank you in advance for any advise! Please save my garden. Oh it would only allow three photos, I’d love to send you the bug I saw on the dirt this morning.

Columbia County Oregon

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Thank you for the images.

I wouldn't be concerned about the tiny gnat-like insects on the undersides of the kiwi leaves. The leaf hairs are slightly sticky, just enough to capture some of the smallest insects.

The angular holes on the bean leaves look as if you had hail a while a while ago. Doesn't look like damage from insects or disease.

The dry berry cane is a puzzler. Please take a good look at the cane, top to bottom. Do you see a place lower down where the leaves transition from green to brown? If yes, is there a bulge in the stem at that point?

You can always send more than 3 images simply by replying a second, or even third, time.