Mason Bees

Asked August 19, 2020, 9:09 AM EDT

Small bees (I think Mason Bees) have nested in a small between my house foundation and porch concrete. It is too close to my door and I would like to move them without killing them. Would a Mason Bee House draw them away to a nearby part of my yard?

Oakland County Michigan

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Mason bee adults aren't active after July. Moving the entire nest will be a challenge. Instead, you could remove the cocoons from the nest and store them in a fridge or protected outdoor space for the winter. Around late March, you can place the cocoons inside tubes of a bee condo, where they will eventually emerge into adults.

A mason bee home may encourage the bees to nest their instead. However, cavity nesting bees are opportunistic in urban and suburban sites. It's not uncommon to find them nesting in atypical places such as the weep holes of windows and other parts of a home.