How to protect siding from lawn keepers

Asked August 18, 2020, 4:03 PM EDT

Our home is much lower on the south side than our neighbor’s And apparently over the 12 years we have lived here the soil placed by the contractor has eroded and last summer (2019) we had water flowing into our finished basement. The remediation consisted of patching a slight crack in the basement wall as well as putting more soil down on the outside of our home to prevent further flooding. The Lawnservice our HOA has hired had already damaged the siding even before this occurred and had replaced the damaged pieces. But the first mowing of this summer in April resulted in several pieces of siding being ripped and/or cut. We asked the HOA about permission to put a bed of shrubs, probably Hostas down the side of the house with a border of pavers stones to keep the Lawnservice away from our house. However, the HOA has changed their rules and now will not allow mulch nor stones in new beds along or around homes. Their solution is for us to put the pavers on end against the house, which my landscaper tells me will cause water to seep between the foundation and the pavers and possiblely cause more damage to our finished basement. Do you have any suggestions what to use for a weed barrier between the hostas until they fill in the space? We have offered to pay an extra $50 or $100 a year for the extra mulch until the hostas Or can you recommend another way to protect our home from damage from the Lawnservice? The damaged siding has been replaced and currently I have rigged Yellow caution tape along the side of the house, which apparently is ok with the HOA. I will attach pictures of the damaged siding as well as pictures of the side of the house as it currently looks. Thank you so much for whatever help you can provide. My husband is currently dealing with a terminal illness and is home with the aid of hospice and the stress of that and this landscaping issue is making me break out in hives!

New Castle County Delaware

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Good Morning! Are you open to connecting on the phone? I have a number of questions and would like to better understand your HOA restrictions to discuss any possibilities. You can email me at to provide a good phone number and time when I can connect with you, if this interests you. I look forward to hearing back from you.