Tannenbaum Pines

Asked August 18, 2020, 3:08 PM EDT

We had several new trees (tannenbaum pines) planted last summer in a newly landscaped area. Looked good until recently. We applied spike fertilizer on landscapers advice in spring and watered once a week when there was no rain. Now noticing inner needles have turned brown and that they are striped or banded (see photo). I'm concerned that they have a disease. Can you tell me what is happening? I have questions about two other trees that I will send separately. Thank you, Sue B (pushed submit button several times-no indication that it is sending-apologize if you get duplicates!!)

Wright County Minnesota

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A needle disease may be affecting the trees but we can’t provide a certain diagnosis by viewing the photos.

We recommend asking a certified arborist to assess the trees’ health onsite to confirm or rule out this possibility.

If you decide to do that, this information may be useful.

In lieu of that, consider sending samples of the affected branches to the University of Minnesota Plant Disease Clinic. Go here to learn how to prepare samples:

Following is information about a common needle disease that sometimes affects mugo pine: