Certified applicators for chemical treatment of lespediza

Asked August 18, 2020, 9:09 AM EDT

I live in a community in Wilmington that has about 115 homes. In my community's open space area, we have an infestation of Lespediza cuneata. Do you know of certified applicators who can control the spread of the weed?

New Castle County Delaware

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Thank you for the question, Lespedeza can be quite the nuisance for sure! I cannot recommend a specific applicator, but please visit the links below to find a list of contractors who may be able to help.

http://www.dnrec.delaware.gov/wr/Documents/WSLS/Consultant%20List.pdf - this list contains Environmental contractors, some of which specialize on the engineering side, and others who are consultants. Some of the consulting firms should be licensed to treat open spaces and rights of way.

https://www.dnlaonline.org/for-homeowners/why-hire-a-professional/ - this link will allow you to search for landscapers in Delaware, some of which may be licensed to treat open spaces and rights of way.

I apologize that I can't be more specific, but we have a very solid landscape and horticulture industry here in Delaware. Thank you and please feel free to email me with additional questions!

Blake Moore - rbmoore@udel.edu