Are these insects killing my lavender plant?

Asked August 18, 2020, 7:49 AM EDT

Lavender (in a large pot) is dying off. Noticed a large population of these critters. Are they the culprits? Suggestions for control? and what might i do about the soil they've been in? Compost it at home, place it in the county recycle? Would hate to populate my or anyone else's soil if the larvae dig in and populate the entire large pot. Thank you

Montgomery County Maryland

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No, these bugs are not killing your plant.
These are pillbugs. They live in moist places and eat decaying plant matter.
Lavender is a plant native to hot, dry landscapes and is not happy in our humid, moist landscapes, and would resent being wet or overly moist in a pot even moreso.
That may be what is wrong with your plant.

Here is our page on pillbugs: