Cedar apple rust too late to control/treat?

Asked August 17, 2020, 4:56 PM EDT

Good afternoon! I am a technician at a local SWCD whose working with a landowner who has cedar apple rust on their farm. They found the galls on the Cedars this year and after doing a walk through it looks like most of their apple trees have it as well. The leaves have the spots and the cylindrical hairy tubes, with some apples showing spots too. So what to do now? I've been researching around and am stuck on what to do. Some places say once the leaves and apples show signs its too late. But does that mean too late for just this year, or for the remainder of the trees lifespan? Is there a fungicide that could be used to at least control the fungus that is already present? They have quite a few trees, probably around 20 cedars and 10 apples... Any advice would be much appreciated.

Lac qui Parle County Minnesota

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