Eliminating invasive and noxious weeds near a lake

Asked August 17, 2020, 1:30 PM EDT

How can I eradicate this nasty vine, which I think is prickly greenbrier. We found this near the lake and an adjacent wetland area and need to get rid of it. Also, we’ve heard that a vinegar spray can eliminate poison ivy and maybe this plant too. Will that work? We don’t want to use glyphosate.

Ionia County Michigan

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Bristly greenbrier (Smilax tamnoides) is the prickly vine that you have in your area. I’m attaching an article from Clemson University about the weed and how to control it. https://hgic.clemson.edu/factsheet/smilax-greenbrier/

The article suggests control by glyphosate. Read about the use of glyphosate by water to assess it’s effectiveness and affect on wildlife. https://dnr.wi.gov/lakes/plants/factsheets/GlyphosateFactsheet.pdf

It refers to glyphosate only. Many new products that are sold are not pure glyphosate but a combination of chemicals which may have detrimental effects on other vegetation nearby.

Bristly greenbrier can be killed by spraying with a solution of vinegar but may take several applications. Vinegar will also kill other vegetation that it comes into contact with. Bristly greenbrier can also be removed by hand, wearing a pair of sturdy gloves.

I hope this helps you with your weed.

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