Seed germination in summer.

Asked August 17, 2020, 10:40 AM EDT

My swamp milkweed is starting to have mature seeds formed. Is it possible to germinate these indoors with a grow lamp now or do i need to wait until next spring to start them? I would like to get a few new ones into the ground before the frosts.

I also have some Magnus coneflower seeds and would like to also germinate them now, plant and possibly have flowerers next year. Is germination possible in the summer months?

Oakland County Michigan

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Milkweed seeds require going through a period of cold (and damp) temperature before they will germinate called cold stratification. I would recommend sowing the seed in the late fall or by early February to expose the seed to enough cold temperature for it to germinate in the spring. Or you can stratify them in the refrigerator and sow them in the spring. See the following:
Magnus Coneflower seed germination info here:
Again you can sow seed directly in the fall, or with minimal stratification transplant seedlings both this fall or in the spring. If you have sufficient seed try both ways this fall.

Thank you very much Dick.. i think i wil try it both way. My concern was tht any seedlings I grow with minimal cold scarification will not be hardened off enough to survive through the winter. I will experiment and see what happens :)n Kamilia