Bat feeding roost?

Asked August 17, 2020, 8:59 AM EDT

I keep finding droppings on the ground here & also strangely down the wall (they get caught in cobwebs). I swept them up yesterday so I don’t have great pictures, but I found a couple more this morning. Is this a bat feeding roost? How do I safely ask him to launch his hunts from somewhere else?

Ingham County Michigan

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This does appear to be where a bat or two is roosting. It seems like it's just one bat or a few that are using this corner of your house to roost. Bats can be tricky to deter from your home and several attempts to deter the bat(s) may be necessary. There are many resources online with advice on bat removal/deterrence, so I'll defer to one of these resources below that covers a lot of good basic advice to try.

I might start by trying to make this corner less suitable for bats to roost. Some people suggest hanging tinfoil over the area, which basically makes it difficult for them to grip on the roosting site. The problem is that they might just go to a different corner of your house. There are also several commercial deterrents (chemical spray scents) that may work, at least temporarily until they adapt to the scent. If this area of your house is really attractive to bats, your solution may require steps to make sure bats can't enter your home (e.g., holes/cracks in siding, roofing, etc.).

Hope this helps and good luck.