Is this a borer killing my oak tree?

Asked August 15, 2020, 8:31 PM EDT

A month ago this beautiful oak tree stood tall and healthy. Today it appears to be disease ridden and dying. Every leaf on the tree right up to the top--those that haven't died and fallen--appears to be mottled and eaten. The leaves also feel dry and brittle. What could be causing this stress? I didn't find any obvious insects, though I did find what appears to be a small egg sac on one of the leaves, pictured.

Hocking County Ohio

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Hello. Thank you for the photos. There looks like there might be several things happening with your oak tree based on the photos that were submitted. If you would like to send additional photos, please don't hesitate to send.

The holes appear to be a result of the shot hole leaf miner. I have included a link to a Buckeye Yard and Garden Line (BYGL) article that addresses the cause:

In that same article, the author also mentions anthracnose, which also might be present.

In the first photo there looks to be some brown leaves that looks a little different than anthracnose. If you could send some additional photos of that browning, that could be useful for clarification.

The good news is that shot hole leaf miner and anthracnose are not a serious threat if the tree is healthy otherwise.

If you have additional questions or can send additional photos to help with further diagnosis that would be very helpful. Thanks - Amy