To report and to ask what to do if so called "jumping" worms are in my compost?

Asked August 15, 2020, 12:21 PM EDT

I have recently become aware that "jumping" worms are in my compost pile! This Spring, I planted my veg and flower garden with compost from this pile, which I started in Spring 2019. I just started using soil from this compost pile in the Spring (2020). What must I now do to protect my yard and the environment? When I saw them this week, and realized what they were (I'd read an article recently), I removed dozens and dozens of the worms from the pile. Missing dozens more, I'm sure. Now what? PLEASE advise. Thank You for your attention to my inquiry. Stay Safe

Baltimore Maryland

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Hi- we have had a number of reports of Asian jumping worm this year. The MD Dept. of Ag is not tracking or regulating this earthworm. Apparently, it has been in MD for many decades. It's good that you have captured and killed some individuals. Please continue that practice.
Here is a web page on the topic with some good resource links. We find the Cornell Extension factsheet especially useful: