Increase in wasps & yellow jackets?

Asked August 14, 2020, 4:27 PM EDT

I am seeing a massive increase in wasps & yellow jackets nesting around my property this year, compared to previous years. Is global warming causing this? How can I discourage them without poison? I'm a Backyard Wildlife participant.

Marion County Oregon

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While I cannot speak to the cause of the increase you are seeing, I can help provide this comprehensive resource which offers a variety of management strategies:
Homeowner Guide:

In addition, this resource shares strategies that help protect the honey bees:

Protecting Honey Bees from Yellowjacket Wasps

This publication gives beekeepers a brief overview of yellowjacket wasps, a common threat to honey bee colonies. Included are details about yellowjacket identification, life cycle, and behavior. It also offers recommendations for controlling and preventing attacks, while affirming the important role yellowjackets play in ecosystems.