Can you identify this grass?

Asked August 14, 2020, 3:48 PM EDT

Hi. We're trying to find out what kind of grass this is, and whether we can/should do anything about it. It grows faster and taller than the rest of the lawn, and increases the frequency of our need to mow. The only thing I've used to overseed the lawn was Jonathan Green Chesapeake Bay Blend, which contains Black Beauty, Dakoka, and Montana Tall Fescues. Thanks for any info. Michael

St. Mary's County Maryland

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This looks like yellow nutsedge, a common lawn weed. It is not a grass plant but a sedge. If you run your fingers along the leaf blades you will notice it has sharp edges and is not smooth like grass. It seems easy to pull up but well-established nutsedge develops 'nutlets' that remain deep in the soil allowing it to come back every year. It also spreads by seed so do not let it develop a seed head. It first grows in the wetter part of your lawn but will spread. If you water, allow the soil to dry out between waterings. Do not keep the soil constantly moist. The following information from our website provides a photo of a seedhead and provides management information. It can take a few years to control it.
An herbicide labeled to control it will clearly state that on the label. There are a few products on the market if you decide to use them.