Grub/maggot bloom in Compost

Asked August 14, 2020, 2:07 PM EDT

Hello, My wife and I have a compost bin in the yard and after recently dumping a small. Bucket of apples in the bin, discovered a grub or maggot bloom. We could see literally thousands of them and hear the compost bubbling and oozing. One remaining apple was completely coveted by a ball of the little wigglers. We mixed in some pine needles to lower the moisture, but it appears they have just moved lower in the pile into the good soil. I think they are soldier fly larva, but was hoping you could confirm and advise if we need to get rid of them. They are off white in color with a segmented body that is kind of flat when they stretch out. Half inch to 1 inch in size. Larger ones are darker almost brown in color. Thanks! Adam Michaud

Benton County Oregon

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Hello there. Yes these appear to be soldier fly larvae. No action is needed. These guys are part of the creatures that live in the compost and break it down. I used to get them in my worm bin. The adults were annoying as they would fly in my face every time I opened the bin. I was able to put screen on the vents to exclude the adults but but a few still got in. I doubt that this solution is a practical one for you as your bin is outside. The good part is that the population boom will subside. The next time you add to the pile I suggest that you cover it or mix it in.