Unusual scat in Scio Township backyard (Ann Arbor)

Asked August 14, 2020, 11:59 AM EDT

This pile of poop was in my backyard this morning. It was quite wet/soft-looking this morning. By the time I took the photo it was a bit less “fresh.” We are in a wooded area with loads of deer, ground hogs, raccoons and the like, but I have never seen scat like this from a wild animal around here. Any idea what animal might have left this?

Washtenaw County Michigan

2 Responses

Thanks for your question. I believe this scat is white-tailed deer. During the summer when deer are eating lots of herbaceous plant matter that is high in moisture, their scat doesn't always form the typical pellets we associate with deer scat and more resemble a cow patty. This scat is definitely on the very moist end of the spectrum!

Thank you so much for the speedy and helpful response! It’s great to know there wasn’t a random cow in my yard!