Kissing Bug bite in Pewee Valley, KY

Asked August 13, 2020, 9:05 PM EDT

Hi. I live in Pewee Valley. This evening, I was bitten several times by a Kissing Bug. I squashed it on the foor, which released copious amounts of blood (presumably mine, since I live alone and have no pets). I cleaned the area on my skin thoroughly with rubbing alcohol. Attached are photos I took. I collected the bug and blood stain in a ziplock bag. I just wanted to somehow file a report with you, if you are keeping track of such things.

Oldham County Kentucky

2 Responses

Hello, and thank you. I just received your question/message today, and I apologize for the lag time in replying. I have sent the photos and your message to one of UK's Entomologists and will follow up with you if I receive further information.

Thank you so much! I'm feeling fine now. Just wanted to report it (if needed).