Iron in drinking water

Asked August 13, 2020, 8:23 PM EDT

I recently inherited a property in Fall Creek. The well water has iron in it and some sulphur smell. I was told that letting the water sit in a reservoir makes the iron dissipate. If that’s true, how would i go about doing that. Do you have any other solution for iron? It stains the sinks, etc. or do you know how to get it off toilets, etc. is it ok to drink water with iron and sulfur?

Lane County Oregon

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Iron does not dissipate from the water - It will deposit on fixtures which will need to be cleaned with something designed to remove iron deposits. There are iron filters and water softeners that can help reduce the amount of iron in the water. The Hydrogen Sulfide (sulfur smell) will off gas as the water sits. Neither of these are harmful to your health but certainly affect the taste and smell of the water. You should have the water tested for coliform bacteria, nitrate, and arsenic which can cause health issues but present with no colors or tastes associated with them. There are a few private labs that offer this service, and most larger cities around you will have one. For you the closest one will be Analytical Labs in Eugene.