Tree getting too big for container

Asked August 13, 2020, 3:15 PM EDT

What type of evergreen tree is this? If I take it out of the container and have it planted into the ground, how big will it grow? Approximate height and width. Thank you, Suzanne Cannon

Clatsop County Oregon

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Thank you for you question and nice photos. It appears you have CHAMAECYPARIS otherwise known as False Cypress. This tree can reach 50 to 70 feet tall an 1 to 2 feet in diameter. In order to control the size and shape, pinch out or cut back tips of new growth. Don't cut back to old, leafless wood.
If you take it out of the container and plant it in the ground be sure to dig a hole twice the size of the root system. If the roots are growing in a circle from being in it's pot for a long time try to loosen them and fan them out. Spread the roots in all directions. Placing the tree on a mound of soil in the middle of the hole will help keep the roots fanned out while you fill in the hole. Fill the hole to the soil level that was on the tree while it was in the pot.
Be sure to water the transplant as well as the hole you are going to place it in before planting. I would wait until late fall to do this so there will be less chance of the transplant drying out.