Overseeding a lawn

Asked August 13, 2020, 3:10 PM EDT

Hello, I am working on changing to organic lawn care and have gotten substantially more weeds throughout the yard, with a hill that is now covered with weeds mixed in with the grass. I will be manually removing them and would like to add some grass seed and compost to the bare spots this creates. I also would like to aerate and overseed. What grass seed mixture would you recommend, and where would I purchase it? I live in Cottage Grove and the majority of the yard receives quite a bit of sun (including a hill that really gets scorched mid day) but I do have about 1/4 of the yard that is partially shaded most of the day. I also own a male dog and a have a female dog that visits frequently and leaves quite a few yellow spots. Please let me know if you need any additional information in order to make a recommendation. Just in case you want to call me, I can be reached at 651-245-3875. Thanks, Linda

Ramsey County Minnesota

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University of Minnesota Extension has handbooks for growing grass and caring for a lawn. They are handy references and provided here. The timing does not change if you use organic substitutions. Good luck with the transition. Cooler weather is in the forecast and cooler is better for growing grass.

High quality grass seed is weed free and the seed is grown in MN.