Peach Tree - Young

Asked August 12, 2020, 8:58 PM EDT

Good afternoon,
My son bought me a peach tree (I live in Portland, OR) I want to do the best I can to make this tree thrive. However, when I received it today, I noticed a bunch of leaves had dropped and they all had little perfect holes as if someone to a hole punch to them. Is this something that can be cured by a pest/bacterial soap? He had ordered it through Home Depot so I'm not expecting that it is very high quality but he was so proud to give it to me as a gift. Also, can this be maintained in a large container? I have a lemon tree that is kept in a container..........Thank you for your time.

Washington County Oregon

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Your tree will only "thrive" in a pot if it's on dwarf stock which is unlikely if purchased at Home Depot. Our Willamette Valley climate is not well-suited to peaches but some home gardeners are successful.

I'm going to guess that the damage was done as the leaf was just coming out, so it's most likely aphid damage, but aphids prefer young, tender growth.

For general care please see this publication from Oregon State Extension