Time of year to mulch blueberries?

Asked August 12, 2020, 6:53 PM EDT

I have very mature blueberry bushes - well over 50 years old. I need to give them some sawdust but was wondering if there is a specific time of year, or season, to give it to them.

Also, if I moved to Idaho, would some of my berry plants be able to survive the move and the transplant if I take them with me, or should I just buy younger ones in the zone they'll live in? Thank you!

Washington County Oregon

2 Responses

https://catalog.extension.oregonstate.edu/ec1304/html Included is a very useful reference from Oregon State University that includes all the information necessary to grow blueberries with mention of specific types of mulch. Berries may survive the transplant/trip and survive but there may be a lag time for them to recover and thrive again. Idaho has colder drier weather as a rule. You may wish to check ahead with their garden centers and Master Gardeners as well. Best of Luck with the move.

There is an excellent publication from University of Idaho on growing blueberries and it can be found here: