Asked August 12, 2020, 12:39 PM EDT

I am attaching a picture of my Wichita Blue planted last year. It seems to be not "blue" as the one in front.I have 6 Wichita Blues planted a few years ago and they are doing fine and very pretty. Just this one is a little off. There is a slight glimpse of the one behind it.
Does it need some iron or something? It just doesn't appear blue as the others, kind of yellowish?
Any ideas?

El Paso County Colorado

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Thank you for your question and picture.

There appears to be water around the base. Did you just water it? Do you keep it watered? If so how much and how often? Did you purchase the trees ( a few years ago) from the same place as the one in question? Are they the same variety? Do you have a copy of the tags?

Yes, I was watering tree number 4 as I turned back to take this picture.The tree in question I call tree #2. I water every 2 weeks. I fill the water well each time. Quite a bit of water. Maybe too much water for small tree? Maybe not watered enough?
I purchased all four trees from Harding Nursery on 6/13/19. All four tags say Wichita Blue Juniper.
Tree #4 as I refer to it (because I planted 4) did suffer from a bug or the April freeze this year. I sent a picture to Harding and they stood behind it as it was still under warranty. But because I always hope for a miracle, I cut all the dried/dead stuff off and am trying to survive it as it seemed to still have some green growing. So far so good. But it is kind of yellow like this one and, of course, a little spindly! Picture attached as I sent to Harding for the one I am trying to survive.

The other 6 that I planted and are very pretty were purchased from a retail/wholesale nursery in Parker. They don't sell retail anymore. I wanted to go there to purchase the new 4 but out of luck. You can partly see them in the background of the one I am trying to survive!

Hope I answered all your questions so you might be able to help! If you need better picture, just let me know.

Are the yellowing parts crunchy and brittle or are they pliable? After a close inspection of the tree do you see any insects present? Any unusual lumps or bumps?

Once junipers are established they have a high tolerance of drought. Below is a link provided by Colorado State University that you may find interesting.

On the "survivor" tree, yes, the yellow parts were brittle. I didn't cut them off until brittle to see if they might come back. But below the yellow brittle, on the same branch, was green growing. So I cut back to the green part. So all yellow is now cut off on the survivor tree.

On the #2 tree, it is yellowish but all is pliable. Just looks like it needs iron or something, to me!~

I did water according to directions when first planted. Everyday for a week or so, then every other day for a week and so on. It was not until this spring that I went to every other week. Maybe I will step up water to every week since they are only in for a year. Kind of hot this summer!

I have 6 Moon Glows also on every other week watering and they are doing really nicely. Planted them last year also.

Can't thank you enough for your thoughts!

I will look for pests. Although I did put some Tree and Shrub stuff in them first of spring, along with my maples because I did have something eating the leaves of my maples last year. It was suggested I try the Tree and Shrubb

We don't recommend increasing the water. We need to make sure there isn't something else going on. Please take a look at this link from the University of Minnesota. Thanks again for your pictures and questions.