lawn fungus

Asked August 12, 2020, 12:14 PM EDT

I hope this is the forum to ask questions about turf grass. I would like to know which mode of fungicide application is better: granular or spray. Please reply and explain. Thanks, Denny
The reason that I am asking is that just less than 2 weeks ago, I distributed bayer/bio granular fungicide and followed up 3 days later with a spray of Lesco Manicure Ultra. I am devistated with fungus. I do water, and have cut back, but the disease is unbelievable. Did I do something wrong by applying granular and spray too close or what. HELP ME!!!!

Lucas County Ohio

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I have attached a website providing information regarding slime mold/fungus Powdery mildew/fungus Dollar Spot/ fungus Lawn Diseases and Treatment Chart As you can see there are various molds with various treatments. Police the area for wet leaves. We’ve had some high humidity, check for adequate air circulation. All in all first line of treatment is mechanical, then chemical. Always read the directions on the container.